A Letter About Community Involvement from Angie Stout !

(written 1999)

Community Service is an important part of out local - United Transportation Union 1741. Collectively and individually we have made many contributions to our communities.

We are very proud of Jesse Blunt and Ross Rhodes for their involvement with inner city youths. "The Mentor Program" at MLKing Jr high is one of the programs we frequently assist with and we are standing by to help with "The Algebra project".

Collectively we have done driver donates for "Willie Browns Kids" summer camp program, for several years we transported inner city youths to camp.

The union structured a safety committee which did a lot of work around bus and traffic safety. The drivers created "The Bus Bunny" which included a 6 foot bunny who visited school sites handing out bumper stickers and leaflets. Safety pamphlets in 5 different languages were also created for parents and children. Additionally, we made a video/commercial on Red Light Crossings.

Members of the union together have donated time and money to the Childrens Miracle Network.

Our latest accomplishment is the adoption of a school. Paul Revere School appealed to us and of course we as a union, responded. Drivers donated their time teaching students to read, write and respect. We also participated in the state wide Read-A-Loud.

A scholarship in honor of a driver, Tay Holden, was created when we lost a dear friend. She was fatally injured when a crane fell off a building on California Street and crushed her bus. Tay was a violinist and loved the children. Drivers started a music scholarship in her name - The Tay Holden Music Foundation.

On a labor level, drivers do a lot of work in the community. We have participated in driving and marching for the AFL-CIO, United Farm Workers, Jesse Jackson - Pittsburgh Steel Plant and the S.F. Labor Council. We even drove wheeled cable cars for the "Labor Day Celebrates Labor" celebration, located on Treasure Island. Anytime Walter Johnson calls on us we are ready. We have supported many locals and businesses who picket due to unfair treatment. We also participated in events such as the MLKing Day Celebration and with the Rainbow Coalition.

On an individual level our drivers do what they love and contribute generously to the community - the following are some outstanding examples. Bob Norby assists families with wheelchair students - keep the wheelchairs legal. Shante Wilson, Marlena Jackson and Jackie Cohn all coach girls basketball teams in the Bayview-Hunterspoint area. Sharon Davis and Bernard Wheatley worked out a "Master Key Program" after school tutorial program. Mattie Bowers works tirelessly for the homeless. We would also like to mention that over the years members of this union have run foster homes or assisted in helping families with children obtain help from good social workers.

The bottom line is we don't want to turn our back on a problem - we would like to be part of the solution !


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